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Current Server Status: ONLINE | Max Concurrent Population Last Week: 9371

Account Registration: ONLINE

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1x exp/1x drop rates. PvP server. 10k average peak population.
There will be no geo-bans on the server -- this means that anyone from all over the world is welcome to play.
Content is tuned to Northdale/Light’s Hope difficulty while build off of the vMaNGOS core with Light’s Hope mob values.
Dungeon gimmicks will be based on Light’s Hope. (For example, combat lock in UBRS Rend event).
There will be no sharding or layers, but there will be dynamic respawns when an area’s population is very high.
Honor is available from launch. All battlegrounds are available as of Patch 1.5.
Ranking gear will be obtainable based on lifetime highest rank.
Battlegrounds will award marks of honor, regardless of patch. This ensures victory offers more honor per hour than multiple quick losses.
Items will change throughout the patch cycles. For instance: Savage Gladiator Chain - patch 1.2 compared to Savage Gladiator Chain - Patch 1.10.
Progressive itemization includes the PVP items that change through patches.
A 1.12.1 or 1.14 client is required to play.
Download our Everlook Launcher here
World buffs (Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Spirit of the Zandalar, Warchief's Blessing) will be available and the ones that can be dispelled will be dispellable.
There are no cooldowns on the world buff NPCs.
Debuff slots are progressive. Until patch 1.7, there will be a maximum of 8 debuffs. Patch 1.7 and later will have a maxmimum of 16 debuffs.
The server timeline will be two years, starting in patch 1.2 and moving to patch 1.12.1, progressing from patch to patch approximately every two months.
Advertising of boosting services is prohibited. Selling tanking/healing service is allowed.
Both GDKPs and real money transactions involving gold/gear are prohibited, and will lead to account closure.
In addition, gambling & death rolling are prohibited.
* Lupos will do shadow damage from the start but respawn timer will be different and spawn location will be randomized.
* Black lotus will not be soulbound.
* Noggenfogger will not have a cooldown.
* Post 1.9 Elixir of Poison Resistance.
* Alterac Valley will be on the 1.12.1 map - black lotus can spawn as well as other herbs and mining nodes/land mines.
* Item proc rates from Light’s Hope values.* Old mounts will be available on the first patch of the server.

How to Connect?

To join the community you must first register and verify your account.

After that you have to prepare your client.
Open the realmlist.wtf file.
Erase all the content written inside
Write our realmlist: set realmlist logon.everlook.org