2022-10-06 @ 15:23 (ST)

Greetings adventurers! Yes indeed, it has been a minute, we hope you haven't forgotten about us. Let's get right to business! **We're glad to announce that the open PTR of Everlook will open this Saturday, October 8th 20:00 CEST - 0200PM Eastern (EST)!** This means that the closed PTR will be shut down **today at 1800 CEST** We will get back to you shortly regarding planned timelines for the PTR, but we hope that as many of you as possible can turn up for the opening. Stay tuned for more information within the next day or so regarding the open PTR. As you may know, we're slowly but surely creeping towards our initial release window - if open PTR testing goes well without any major surprises, we're confident that we will be able to meet our initial launch date goal. That means, if all looks good, expect an announcement about the launch date within 1-2 weeks! Progress on certain backend systems has been slightly crippled due to staff members coming and going, but we've made enough progress and core systems are now in a state where we're ready for open testing. We're very excited to finally be bringing this project on its feet, the next month will be quite busy for us, remember that we're in this to provide the best possible experience for our community, slow and steady wins the game. The Everlook Team