Starfall Roadmap


PVE Related
  • Black lotus not soulbound from start
  • Noggenfogger will not have a cooldown from start
  • Negative resist system up until 1.9
  • World Game Events Released Immediately (Not Patch based)
  • Lupos has no shadow damage from 1.2
  • Speedruns enabled at launch
  • Class/Race level 60 first announcements during race to level 60
  • Items made BOP from the start: (Light of Elune, Fishliver Oil, Bag of Marbles, Moist towlette, Glowing Wax Candle etc)
  • All gear visual models (not stats) are in final version from 1.2
  • 2 hour group/raid trade loot window to be released ASAP (in dev testing atm)
  • Druid, Shaman, Paladin Idols/Totems/Tomes released in patch 1.2
  • Repeatable World Buff quests from 1.2
  • 1 Week no-world buff progression on all new raids
  • 16 debuff slots from the beginning
  • Lights hope values for PVE content
  • Warlock Soul Pouch available from 1.2
PVP Related
  • Arena Tournaments Hosted by Everlook every 2 months by our GM team
  • Custom WSG Tournaments Hosted by Everlook GM team (Unique prices like Mounts/Titles).
  • 100% Mana and Health regen before BG starts (prep period)
  • Anti-premade dodging QOL mechanics in effect such as hidden queue numbers and playerboard until game has begun
  • Anti-dodging and premade mechanics in place (potential bans from queuing for increased times for poor behaviour)
  • PvP gear based on lifetime rank
  • Hall of honor based on lifetime rank
Special Considerations
  • Reduced shop offerings in 1.2 and modified bag sizes to match server progression
  • No buff caps
  • AV black lotus herbs removed
  • Fixed Dwarf (Priests?) bug being unable to complete MC attunement in 1.2
  • Dynamic Respawns during launch